Thursday, April 20, 2017

Costa Rica

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Costa Rica beach
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During spring break(or the rainy season) I went to Costa Rica. We went March 18 2017. The plane ride was 5 Hours.  When we got into Costa Rica at the airport since we were in a new country we had to go through customs. Then when we got out of the airport we had to take a shuttle to get to our rental car . When we arrived at the place where we get our rental car we had to wait about half an hour till we got our car. when we finale got it we drove to our hotel. The drive was about an hour but when we got to our hotel they took us to our room and we went down to the beach. The beach water was warm. Be and my sister splashed in the waves until it was time to go back in. When we woke up the next day we were tired from all the traveling so we had decided to stay at the resort that day. We went and got some breakfast at our hotel and it was   amazing. When we had finished breakfast we went to the pool. Me and my sister swam and played some volleyball in the pool. My parents we on the beach chairs watching us. After me and my sister didn't want to swim anymore so,we went down to the beach to look for seashells. when we woke up on monday we went ziplineing trough the jungle. We were able to see the beach and the jungle. On one of them i got to go upside down. Then when we got back to our hotel me and my sister went down tp the beach and found a jellyfish, and a dori fish. Then we went out to dinner and had fun. When we woke up Tuesday we had another day at the pool and the beach. Wednesday we went on a river boat cruise. We saw monkeys and crocodiles. The crocodile almost ate and iguana that was next to it. Some of the crocodiles were out on the sand to where we could see them very well.Then Thursday we went into a small town In Costa Rica. We went swimming once we got back too. Friday was our last day in the wonderfull Costa Rica. So we went hiking and we got to swim in some water falls. The first one was very cold so i didn't go in. The rest were warmer but still pretty cold. I had fun swimming in the water falls though. saturday we had to wake up very early to get on the plane ride back home, and everyone was bombed that we had to go but we will never forget it.

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  1. Hello there!
    I am Thanumi, a sixth grader from Thailand. Well, it seems like you had lots of fun in Costa Rica! After reading your post, I feel like going there too! However, thank you for sharing your wonderful experience. If you want to visit my blog, here is my link.