Wednesday, May 17, 2017

5th grade

   5th grade has been an amazing journey. From hanging out with my friends to knowing so much more than  I did before. This year as been one of my favorite school years. My grade got to go to young Ameritown which was really fun. At young Ameritown we all got to have jobs and work with other people from our grade. I got to work at the UPS center Postal services. I got to deliver mail and help my peers problem solve. At Young Ameritown the part that I liked the most was the donation center. At the donation center you were able to put in one of your fake dollar bills and they would turn it into a real dollar bill and donate it to any association.Young Amritown sought me about money,jobs, and about how you pay bills. Young Ameritown taught me many things. More of the fun things that I did in with grade was I joined the real soccer league. I got to get many chances in games to score goals and I did. That was one of my 'other accomplishments. One other field trip we went on was to the Denver nature and science museum. when we went their we got to dicect a heart. It was a sheep heat. when we directed it we got to do it with a partner and have fun. In with grade my teacher has sought me more than I have in any other grade. I have leaned ratios, recents,decimals,fractions, and many more. I have learned that facing your fears can change what you do in life and if you don't have self confidence in who you are  you won't know what do do with you future self.

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